Mobile Suits/EFF/RGM-79G GM Command

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GM command.png

Info Table

Model Name: RGM-79G / RGM-79GS
Unit Name: GM Command / GM Command (Space)
Radar: 450m ~ 1800m
Stock Engine: MS/MA Type-C lv-1
Carry Weight: 90000(kg)
Container Slots: 8
Stock Price: $250000
Store Sell: $100000
Skills Required: 10
Weapon Slots: Manipulator x4, Head x1


Armor: 28000
Dodge: 90
Critical: 60
Accuracy: 90

Special Notes

There are two variants of the RGM-79G, the Ground and Space Types. The Ground variant has a beige/green color palette. The Space variant has the GM's white/red palette in addition do a different backpack/booster layout for better maneuverability in space.

Both Ground and Space Variants, while usable, are not viable in the other's normal field of operation and will suffer movement penalties.