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Downloading and Running

  1. Click here to download UCGOHost
  2. Click here to Download and install 7z
  3. Extract UCGOHOST.7z
  4. Run UCClient.exe
  5. Login with any username-password to create an account. If the username is already taken you'll have to use a different one.


If you’ve happened to have played Ultima Online, UCGO's system is very much like it. If you haven’t, here’s a brief explanation:

There are neither levels nor classes in UCGO. Every action you take, from firing a gun to tailoring a hat, will gradually improve the skill that it is associated with; irrespective of whether the attempt was successful. Each skill is rated from 0-130, and they increase in 0.1 point increments. You can have a total maximum of 800 skill points. Once you hit that limit you can choose to 'unlearn' some skills in order to raise others if you wish to do so. Don’t worry too much over your stats. The only times where you really need to look at them are when you're trying to hit specific requirements to use certain hardware. For instance: the MS-07 Gouf requires a Mobile Suit skill level of 3 and a CQB level of 15 to pilot. While you can use it without the proper skill levels of skill, you won’t be able to do anything else but walk around.

Since the game revolves around skills it is possible to create a truly unique character depending on what it is you wish to do.


If you're using the control listing above, the commands are as follows:

W & S - Forward/Back

A & D - Strafe

Q & E - Turn (Also done by holding the right mouse button and dragging)

Z & C - Roll (When in space)

F & V - Pitch (When in space, also done holding right mouse and dragging)

Shift - Walk/Run hold-toggle

Space - Jump

U - Toggle Autorun

R - Reload

Tab - Combat/Peace mode switch

1-7 - Select weapon

8 - Toggle shield on/off

Use your mouse to interact with your environment. To use the hangar, bank, or shops, simply double click on them. To select a friendly player, double-click them when they're in range. While in a vehicle or mobile suit, the range of interaction is greater. On foot however, you'll need to stand very close to who you wish to interact with. For interactions, see the '/' and communicating sections below.


#connect  To connect ingame characters to your UCGOHost web account use the following command when ingame (type it into the chat box)

/transport - This is your all-purpose 'travel' command. Use it to summon a transport aircraft to carry you to any pre-marked (either default or manually) location. Costs 1500 to use

/auto - Auto-cruise. When in any vehicle, you can use this to travel (albeit in a straight line, so it's not usable in cities) to any bookmarked location. Advisable in certain situations, but generally it's better to fly.

/taxi - If you're in town and not near a hangar, then it's best to use this. It rents you a little car to wander around town in, as otherwise it'd be a very long walk to your destination. This command only works in cities. Costs 650 to use.

/getoff - Get out of your current vehicle. If you're in a taxi, it just deletes it from existance. If you're in a proper vehicle, it ejects you. Generally speaking, you're better off parking vehicles in a hangar (double-click on the hangar building) than leaving them out in the open.

/mark - Bookmark your curent location, for future use via the /transport and /auto commands. It's advisable to put down a bookmark at every hangar you find, even if you already have a fairly close-by default bookmark. This cuts down travel time dramatically, and allows you to go anywhere you've been before simply by parking at a hangar, transporting to your new location and getting back into your vehicle.

/trade - Target a friendly unit (click on them in peace mode - a green hand pointer should appear on them) and type this to open the trade window. You can drag and drop anything from your inventory (backpack or container), or any nearby objects/vehicles you own into your trade panel.

/transfer - This is good for transferring Mobile Suits and other vehicles from player to player. Target a friendly unit (same way as in /trade), and type this to open the transfer window. Then drag and drop your MS/vehicle into the window and press OK, and the thing switches owners.

Non-essential '/' commands These are the commands that aren't essential, but are nice to know anyhow.

/release - Target an MS or a vehicle while in peace mode, just like you target a friendly unit when trading or transferring. Then type this, and the MS/vehicle is no longer owned by anyone and anyone can take it.

/unstick - If you get stuck and can't move, type this and miracles will happen.

/shield - Type this when you arent wielding a shield, but have on in inventory. This will put it on.

/fps on - Type this to show FPS.

/fps off - And this to get rid of the FPS indicator.

/gesture 0-6 - The only emotes in this game are there. Among them are salute, waving and pointing backwards.

/scan - If you dropped something and can't find it, but are close by, type this. Works only when you're not in a vehicle or MS.

/sit - You sit down. Doesn't have any actual uses other than aesthetical ones. Works only when you're not in a vehicle or MS.

/mine - When you go out with a mining vehicle to one of the mining locations, this is the command you mine minerals with.

<coord> - Not exactly at '/' command, but it's still a nice one to know. When you type that, you broadcast your current coordinates so people will know where you are.


there are hidden locations / camps all over the map either on land or space